We have several partnership levels available for you as far as our fees are concerned. We will work with you to see which level is the best fit for your situation.
Fixed hourly fee
Varies between €150 and €225, excluding VAT, depending on the lawyer or legal expert and excluding office fees.
Volume discount
The hourly fee will be reduced once a certain sum has been reached or you will receive a discount over the whole service.
Fixed price per component
In case of clear procedures, you can also opt for a fixed price for each part of the case.
Success-dependent payment
You pay a lower hourly fee and pay a surcharge if the case results in a positive outcome. If the desired outcome is not achieved, you will only be charged the reduced hourly fee.
As part of labour law, you can take out a subscription of €24.95 per month, which gives you unlimited access to a labour law specialist who provides you with information, support and assistance. Please ask us about our terms for this service.