Snijders Advocaten has been in operations in Den Bosch since August 2012. We are also active from our offices in Tilburg, the city where a significant part of our history lies. Snijders Advocaten in Den Bosch had its beginnings from Danny Snijders’ firm in Tilburg.

Danny Snijders, lawyer and the person our firm is named after, literally considered coming to Den Bosch as coming home. He was born and raised in Den Bosch. After completing his studies, Danny quickly discovered that he did not fit the traditional image of a lawyer who was endlessly litigating cases. Danny is a much more practical lawyer who prefers to solve a problem quickly, effectively and thus at a relatively low cost. This is an approach that appeals to business owners. 

Danny’s motto - ‘think in terms of solutions, not problems’ is their motto as well. A similarity that ensures that Danny literally stands by and supports his clients, many of whom are entrepreneurs.
From the offices in Den Bosch and Tilburg, Danny Snijders and his team are doing everything in their power to further expand upon the firm he has built over the past eight years that is based on an entrepreneur’s perspective. Getting bigger is not his goal. In his eyes, bigger means less personal attention and that is the furthest thing from Danny’s mind.