mr. D.I.J. (Danny) Snijders


Management / lawyer


Dutch Law, University of Tilburg.

Experience / specialisation

Danny Snijders is the founder and general manager of Snijders Advocaten. He began his own firm more than 12 years ago. The firm experienced tremendous growth thanks to his specific strategic-legal qualities. The “Snijders approach” is now a household concept.
From government agencies to the private business sector – there was obviously a need for quality, legal-based decisiveness and strategy. Danny is involved at the strategic level on a daily basis in many large cases that are being handled by Snijders Advocaten, from acquisition contracts to litigation. Danny has served as a lawyer for many well-known cases, such as the FC Den Bosch – Bruscom case. Also a few of his high-profile (successful) statements in conflicts have been published in authoritative law magazines. Danny has successfully litigated against practically all large (inter)national firms; therefore he is approached for advice throughout the Netherlands and sometimes abroad. 
Danny is also a passionate sports enthusiast, both actively and passively.

Other positions

  • Member of the advisory board Met heel mijn hart (with all my heart) (largest shareholder of  FC Den Bosch N.V., previously founder and chairman)
  • Columnist for Blue life magazine
  • Legal department editorial board member for LEF magazine
  • Chairman of complaints committee for Yes We Can Clinics

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