Debt Collection

If you have trouble collecting invoice payments from your customers / debtors, this may cause your organisation a lot of turmoil.  If you want immediate results, you would be better off circumventing collection agencies or bailiffs. Snijders Advocaten can do much more and implement more pressure tactics than a collection agency or bailiff, whereby you can leave that responsibility to a single party. 

Our service includes advising you of the best way to set up your credit management process so that your procedures are as efficient and effective as possible. This ensures that your invoices will be paid more quickly and, in case of a non-payment, we will be able to collect that money directly and effectively. Many companies have gone before you and we provide monthly support so that you can improve your cash-flow.
A tailored solution or exerting maximum pressure, we will work with you to determine the best approach for you.

Snijders Advocaten is definitely no more expensive than a collections agency or bailiff. We will also base our approach on keeping the customer, if that is your preference.  Either way, the Snijders Advocaten method is very efficient, fast and effective. Due to the experience and expertise that Snijders Advocaten has in collecting debt, we provide this service to hundreds of companies. With the exception of litigation fees, you will only pay us if we successfully collect the debt owed by your customer, so that you are never worse off than before.