Valk Castle

The corporate offices of Snijders Advocaten are located inside the prominent Valk Castle on the Vughterweg 74 in Den Bosch. The building has been built on one of the original bastions of the St Anthony Fort, a fort to the south of the city that protected the south side of Den Bosch with Fort Isabella. There is no record of the exact date the St Anthony Fort was built, however, the presumption is that the building was completed in 1597.

A lot of heavy fighting took place at the St Anthony Fort during the Siege of Den Bosch. The soldiers of Frederik Hendrik van Oranje-Nassau travelled through trenches to move closer to the fort. Once Fort Isabella fell, the St Anthony Fort succumbed as well in July 1629.

Many also know the Valk Castle as the ‘white castle’. This is because architect Hendrik Willem Valk used white bricks to build the castle back in 1932. The architect, Valk, who was born in Elst in Gelderen established himself in Den Bosch at the time of the Rich Roman Life, when many Catholic churches and schools were built.  When he designed the Valk Castle where he lived for a long time, he wanted to show the world that you could do more than just build schools and churches.